...Nourishing Crops That Nourish Your Family

​Manure fertilizer is truly a NO Brainer!  It dramatically increases yields, adds nutrients and organic

matter in abundance, and costs less than your commercial program.  How can that be wrong?

StrongField has a wide portfolio of manure fertilizer products available to meet the specific needs

of your farm.  All manures are not the same and we help you gain an understanding of the

products and help you select the best one to maximize the returns from your manure fertilizer

investment.  Manure is fertilizer, but also a soil amendment, and a farm improvement.  Don’t

miss​ out on these other benefits with your fertilizer investment. 

Available Products:

  • Solid Cattle Manure
  • Processed Cattle Manure
  • Liquid Cattle Slurry
  • Compost
  • Poultry Litter
  • Swine Slurry
  • Lagoon Solids
  • Municipal Sludge
  • Dairy Slurry

​​From 1907, ISU Bulletin #1: Farm Manures

"Manure is one of the most effective means at the disposal of the farmer to

​ permanently improve his soil.  No other fertilizer possesses to so great a degree

the power of restoring worn soils to productiveness and giving them lasting

fertility.  It accomplishes this result, however, not only by the actual fertilizing

constituents which it supplies, but also improves the physical properties of the

soil, increasing the amount of humus, which is generally deficient in worn soils,

improving its texture and increasing its water-absorbing and water-holding power.

 Its value to the soil can scarcely be measured, for no other substance has  

equal power in maintaining permanent fertility."